Things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Standen

The woodlands, hills and fields at Standen offer lots of opportunities to get a few of those 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ ticked off.

All you need is a scrapbook from the apple store, a sense of adventure and bags of energy.

Here's a list of some of the activities you can do at Standen:

    2. Roll down a really big hill

    Cattle in the morning mist

    Jack and Tommy Field is a great place for this. Its steep and open slope means you should pick up a good speed.

    4. Build a den

    Children building a den in Plantation play area.

    Our plantation play area has lots of materials perfect for making dens.

    6. Run around in the rain

    Child enjoying the rain with her umbrella

    Well anywhere at Standen is good for this. You just have to choose a soggy day...

    7. Fly a kite

    A boy running along with his kite

    See if you can find a wide open space on the estate for this one. Jack and Tommy Field might be a good place.

    33. Catch a falling leaf

    Oak leaf in a National Trust forest

    There are lots of trees in our garden and woodlands, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch a falling leaf during your visit.

    25. Make a grass trumpet

    A grass trumpet in action

    There are lots of fields around the estate with long grass in the summer. You need to find yourself an area with thick blades of grass.

    31. Hunt for bugs

    A bug crawling on a child

    Bugs like to live in dark, damp places like under logs or rocks. There are lots of old logs lying around in Hollybush Wood. Take a look underneath one and see what you can find.

    34. Track wild animals

    Badger burrowing out of the ground

    Rockinghill Wood is home to many wild animals, including badgers and foxes. The tracks and footprints they leave behind should help you find their hiding places.

    45. Find your way with a map and compass

    Children have a go at orienteering

    Explore our woodlands and estate with a map and compass. Bring your own or take an explorer bag from the apple store. You could even buy one of our self-guided walks from visitor reception to test your skills.

Don't forget to get a sticker for your scrapbooks each time you complete a challenge. You can get stickers from Standen's visitor reception.