50 things to do at Wallington

Tick off some of the top adventures on our 50 things list on your day out at Wallington. 

    No. 1 Climb a tree

    50 Things: The best tree to climb

    We've got the perfect tree for climbing, with lots of low branches to get you started. 

    No. 4 Build a den

    Den building

    The adventure playground has got lots of twigs and branches that make ideal den building materials.

    No. 5 Skim a stone

    One of  Lyme Park

    Head out on the river walk and try your hand at skimming stones from the bank but be careful not to get wet feet.

    No. 6 Run around in the rain

    Little girl with frog umbrella

    Put on your wellies and have fun splashing through the puddles then shelter under the huge trees and listen to the patter of rain.

    No. 7 Fly a kite

    A boy running along with his kite

    On a windy day, the grassy courtyard is a great place to fly your kite.

    No. 12 Make a trail with sticks

    A photograph of a child making a stick trail at Dudmaston

    Have a go at making a trail with sticks for other visitors to follow.

    No. 13 Make a mud pie

    Two boys making mud pies

    Find some mud and get making - use stones and leaves to decorate.

    No. 16 Make a daisy chain

    Child sitting on the grass making daisy chains

    Have a go at making a daisy chain bracelet or necklace to wear.

    No. 17 Set up a snail race

    People watching snails on a wall

    Look out for our snail racing board to put your snail to the test.

    No. 18 Create some wild art

    Art created from natural materials found at Wicken Fen

    Collect leaves, stones, twigs and anything else you can find on the forest floor and create a masterpiece.

    No. 19 Play pooh sticks

    Families playing Pooh sticks off the white bridge at Morden Hall Park, London

    Play pooh sticks when you cross the bridge on the river walk or see which stick will make it under the boardwalks first in the West Wood.

    No. 22 Explore inside a tree

    Visitors beside one of the Wellingtonia trees at Sheffield Park, East Sussex.

    Trees make great homes for animals and good places to hide - take a look inside one and see if anyone is at home. 

    No. 24 Go on a walk barefoot

    Children walking through the grounds at Seaton Delaval Hall

    Kick off your shoes and stroll across the lawn to feel the grass between your toes.

    No. 25 Make a grass trumpet

    A grass trumpet in action

    There's plenty of grass around and they make a great sound.

    No. 31 Hunt for bugs

    Family bug hunting on a fallen tree trunk, Denbies Hillside Surrey

    If you look carefully you can find all sorts of mini beasts living amongst the leaves and under rocks in the woods.

    No. 34 Track wild animals

    Otter footprints at White Park Bay

    Wallington is home to many animals so keep your eyes peeled for footprints in the woods.

    No. 36 Make a home for a wild animal

    Clent Play Trail

    Why not make a mouse house, hedgehog home or bug hotel out of natural materials in the wood?

    No. 40 Go on a nature walk at night

    Flying bat

    Wallington is home to all sorts of animals from bats and badgers to birds and deer who are often out and about late at night or very early in the morning. Don't miss our special bat walk on 30 August.

    No. 41 Plant it, grow it, eat it

    Child planting a seed in a pot she made herself from newspaper at a Grow your Own event

    Join our gardeners to become a budding gardener yourself and learn how to plant and grow plants and herbs. Check out our events for dates and details.

    No. 44 Go bird watching

    A family look through binoculars for birds at Gibside

    Visit our family friendly wildlife hide and see what birds you can see.

    No. 45 Find your way with a map and compass

    Orienteering activity

    Use a map and compass to explore the miles of walks on the Wallington estate.

    No. 47 Cook on a campfire

    Enjoy star gazing, hunting for bats and the dawn chorus during our wild camps at Wembury Woods, Devon

    Join our Rangers on 15 August and learn to light a fire without matches and and toast a marshmallow on the campfire.