50 things to do before you're 11¾ at Hidcote

We don't just have a garden, we also have plenty of open countryside providing everything you need for awesome adventures. You can complete 10 of your 50 Things here, so head to Hidcote and start ticking activities off your list.

    Wild camping

    A family enjoying the great outdoors

    No. 3 - Camp out in the wild

    Stuck for something to do in the holidays? Then pack a tent and bring a picnic and join our overnight wildlife watch. Check our events page for details.

    Rainy days are the best

    Child enjoying the rain with her umbrella

    No. 6 - Run around in the rain

    You can still have fun on a rainy day. There's plenty of room to run around and even if it's wet you can still enjoy a game or two of tennis.

    Feeling fruity

    Children collecting apples for the harvest

    No. 9 - Eat an apple straight from a tree

    In autumn, you can find both apples and pears growing in our orchard. Beware though, some apples are grown for cooking with and will make you wince if eaten uncooked.

    Tree-mendous fun

    A family enjoying the great outdoors

    No. 22 - Take a look inside a tree

    Some trees grow with fantastic hiding holes in their trunk. Take a look and see what you can find sheltering from the weather.

    Rise and shine

    The sun rising over the English countryside

    No. 27 - Watch the sun wake up

    You'll need to get up early to tick this one off your list. Take a walk up the hill from the car park and watch the sun rise over the beautiful Vale of Evesham.

    Hunt for bugs

    Children enjoying looking for bugs

    No. 31 - Hunt for bugs

    Because of the dead wood we sometimes leave around there are hundreds of different types of bugs for you to find. Check under logs, stones and the holes in upright trees.

    Potty about ponds

    A frog enjoying a spot of sunbathing

    No. 32 - Find some frogspawn

    In spring our lily pool is full of frogspawn. Time it right and you might see the thousands of tiny tadpoles enjoying their first swim.

    Water world

    A family learning more about what lives in a pond

    No. 35 - What's in a pond

    Our ponds and pools are home to more creatures than you might think. Look closely and you might even spot a rare great crested newt. They love to swim in the bathing pool.

    Night time walking

    Bats a common feature of the English countryside

    No. 40 - Go on a nature walk at night

    We run guided nature walks throughout the year. In summer, you can come along after dark for our nature walk - an expert will take you around the garden searching for our nocturnal friends. Check our events page for details.

    Plot to plate

    Child harvesting a crop of rhubarb

    No. 41 - Plant it, grow it, eat it

    Join one of our drop in family learning activities. Plant a vegetable seed, take it home, look after it and you'll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labour. Call us on 01386 438333 for details of our workshops.

Ready to dive in? Head to the 50 Things website where you can sign up, tick off activities and upload photos of your adventures.

Once you've finished all the activities at Hidcote, you can search the site to find other places to complete the rest of your list.