50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Clandon Park

We've a fantastic garden here. It's full of lots of the stuff you need for excellent adventures, whatever the weather. You can complete 12 of our 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ here, so head for Clandon and start ticking activities off your list.

    Number 4: Build a den

    A den built from dead wood at Hatchlands Park, Surrey

    Take a wander up to Huia's Dell, our natural play area. There’s a dead wood pile with branches, bark, leaves, moss and everything else you need to build a great den.

    Rainy day activities

    Child jumping in puddles at Clandon Park, Surrey

    Number 6: Run around in the rain
    Number 13: Make a mud pie

    You can still have fun on a rainy day. There’s plenty of room to run around and when it’s wet there’s mud, glorious mud. Don’t forget about the cows though, make sure it’s the right kind of mud.

    Number 7: Fly a kite

    Child flying a kite

    Our garden has a nice big lawn - loads of space to fly a kite away from interfering tree tops. Head for the east lawn on a windy day.

    Number 10: Play conkers

    Hatchlands autumn 2

    We’ve got a huge horse chestnut tree ready to provide you with battle-worthy 76’ers. Bring a string and a playing partner and bash away. Mind your knuckles.

    Number 12: Make a trail with sticks

    Child on a tree trunk at Clandon Park, Surrey

    You can find lots of sticks and twigs in the dead wood pile near Huia's Dell. If you pick straight sticks you can use them to make arrows and join them together to make a trail around the garden. Make things interesting by heading around corners and over logs.

    Search the lawn

    A grass trumpet in action

    Number 16: Make a daisy chain
    Number 25: Make a grass trumpet

    Look carefully anywhere the grass has grown a little longer to find just the right type of grass for trumpeting, find the fattest blade for maximum volume. You can also search the lawn for daisies to make a chain.

    Number 27: Go stargazing

    Night sky during Stargazing Live at Clandon Park, Surrey

    Join us each January for a Stargazing Live event where you can look at the stars and planets through telescopes and get expert advice from local astronomers.

    Number 31: Hunt for bugs

    Child hunting for bugs at Clandon Park, Surrey

    Wherever there's a garden you can always find bugs. Check under big logs or stones, in the dead wood pile and under the bark or in the holes in trees. Don't forget to put the bugs back after.

    Number 33: Catch a falling leaf

    Children in the daffodil field at Clandon Park, Surrey

    It’s harder than you’d think. Visit us in autumn when the leaves are changing colour and pick a tree with lots of leaves on it like an oak, a beech or a horse chestnut.

    Number 44: Go bird watching

    Hatchlands woodpecker

    Keep you eyes open, stay quiet and you can always see a bird or two in our garden. There are always common birds like robins and blackbirds, you can also see pheasants wandering around and the occasional buzzard overhead. If you're really lucky you might see a peacock and even a woodpecker.

Ready to dive in? Head to the 50 Things website, where you can sign up, tick off activities and upload photos of your adventures.

Once you've completed all the activities at Clandon, you can search the website to find other places to complete the rest of your list.