Discover the delights of Greenway garden

Explore Greenway's romantic woodland garden from the comfort of your own home. What better way to re-visit your favourite aspect and discover something new, as well as acquaint yourself with the garden's interesting history?

    The drive

    The main drive at Greenway, Devon, in the Spring, with flowers in bloom.

    The drive was laid in the 1820s in the then-fashionable long sweep down to the house, known as Reptonian style. The planting is from the late 19th century onwards and includes great clumps of rhododendron which, along with flowering bulbs, make the drive a riot of colour in spring.

    The tennis court garden

    Magnolia at Greenway

    Just outside the doorway to the tennis court is the impressive magnolia campbellii, planted by Max Mallowan in 1938. He waited 20 years for it to bloom, often writing home to enquire about its progress.

    The original tennis court was grass and installed in the 1880s.

    South walled garden

    Panoramic view of the south walled garden, previously a nursery area with the old vine house, at Greenway, Devon

    This garden was originally a kitchen garden and latterly a commercial nursery. The borders contain rare and beautiful species. The far border is home to a vegetable plot, the ongoing project of a local school.

    The Vinery

    Glasshouse in the walled garden at Greenway, Devon

    The south walled garden is home to the Vinery, built in the early 19th century. Noted for growing grapes in the Gardeners' Chronicle of 1901, the Vinery has also housed exotic plants. It has now been replanted following its restoration in 2005.

    Passion flowers, fern trees, acacias, gingers and fuchsias are in abundance.

    The garden around the house

    Greenway house in the spring light

    From the front steps of the house, the vista opens up across the lawn, which is dotted with flowering bulbs in spring.

    The steep bank on the east of the house is planted as a rockery and includes plantings by the Mallowans and Hickses, including tulips.

    The Top Garden

    The red hot pokers in Greenway Top Garden

    The Top Garden was the last part of the park to be incorporated into the garden, during the mid-to-late 19th century. The collapsed loggia enjoys the best views over the river, towards Dartmouth and Kingswear. The top border is a sun trap, full of hot colours in summer.

    The bird pond

    The bird pond in the garden at Greenway, Devon

    The sculpture Greenway Bird by Bridget McCrum was given to us by Rosalind Hicks. The pond is surrounded by bamboo and borders one of the quarries which supplied some of the materials for the house and garden buildings.