Octavia Hill Awards frequently asked questions

Any other questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here please email Octavia.Hillawards@nationaltrust.org.uk

    Are these awards just for volunteer work?

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    No, an individual or group could have done something noteworthy as part of their paid work, for example a teacher.

    What information were we looking for in the nomination?

    On the nomination form we ask for:

    We need to know what makes the person or group deserve that award.

    Think about the things that make them special, how have they inspired you. Have they taken a creative or innovative approach to a problem? Are they tenacious and have not given up, even when faced with major obstacles? Has their work brought benefits to others (e.g. community farm/allotments providing food for others, a nice space giving people place to go)? Have they worked with the wider community to achieve their goals and does their work engage the wider public?

    Does their work have a specific positive impact for wildlife? How long-term is it, have they worked in a sustainable way?

    And is there anything they’ve done to 'go the extra mile' – have they done something truly amazing, for example conducted a big fundraising effort to finance their project?

    If a person or group Ive nominated is shortlisted will I have to take part in publicity?

    Not necessarily, although it is nice to have you as part of the story and for everyone to know why you nominated that person or group. But if you’d prefer not to we will only focus on the shortlisted person/group.

    When should the work have happened?

    Anytime between January 2011 and December 2012.

    How will the public vote happen?

    People will be able to vote for their favourite shortlisted nomination by going to www.nationaltrust.org.uk/octaviaawards. The polls will open on 8 April 2013 with voting open for one week.

    Voting will be restricted to one vote per person. Repeat votes will be blocked by cookies. The person or organisation with the most votes within each category will be declared the winner.

    Do the shortlisted entries receive a prize?

    Unfortunately only the four overall winners will receive prizes. However all the 12 shortlisted will be profiled on the National Trust website and will no doubt gain recognition through other publicity.