Our work so far

The For Ever, For Everyone appeal has, so far, transformed two of our places:

    Dunster Castle, Somerset

    Woodlands cover the estates surrounding Dunster Castle

    We’ve installed 24 photo-voltaic panels on the roof of the Grade I listed Dunster Castle in Somerset which in sunny weather provide most of the castle’s daily electricity requirements. This renewable project has saved almost 3,000 kg of C02 a year.

    Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags, West Yorkshire

    The Biomass boiler at Gibson Mill

    Renewable energy is part of the heritage of many properties in our care. The original hydro-electric turbine at Gibson Mill (part of the Hardcastle Crags estate), for example, was installed in 1927. Thanks to our restoration work, this turbine is once again generating electricity.
    We’ve combined restoration with state-of-the-art technology such as photo-voltaic panels and a biomass boiler to make Gibson Mill fully sustainable. It’s a perfect example of how we’re using the past, and the present, to protect the future.