Fun things to do on the Bath Skyline

There are plenty of fun activities you can do on the Bath Skyline. Why not go for a walk with family and friends and have a go at some of them?

    Soar to great heights with a kite

    Kite flying on the Bath Skyline

    On a windy day, why not take a kite with you and see how high you can fly it?

    Have a picnic

    Picnic food

    Bring a rug and some tasty food from home and have some well deserved refreshment.

    Spot some wildlife


    Take some binoculars and see what wildlife you can spot. Remember to be patient and not to make too much noise.

    Enjoy a bit of friendly competition

    A girl with a frisbee

    Why not take a football, a cricket bat or even a frisbee and have a game in the fresh air?

    Take a furry friend for a walk

    Jake on the hill

    Nothing tires out man's best friend more than a nice long walk. If you don't have a dog, why not borrow a friend's for the day?

    Bring out your artistic side

    A photographer on the Bath Skyline

    Whether you're a keen artist or photographer, the views from the Skyline are stunning. Catch the sun early in the morning or on a balmy summer's evening.

A Bath Skyline leaflet detailing the 6 mile circular walk can be obtained from Prior Park's visitor reception, the purple shepherd’s hut on the Bath Skyline and Bath Tourist Information Centre.