Three-in-one bluebell walk at Ashridge

Ashridge Estate, Ringshall, Berkhamsted, HP4 1LX

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View of Aldbury from Old Copse walk © Graeme Cannon

View of Aldbury from Old Copse walk

null © Jacqueline Le Sueur


Detail of a large wellingtonia at Ashridge © Coralie Hancock-Barnett

Detail of a large wellingtonia at Ashridge

A beautiful carpet of bluebells beneath the fresh spring Beech leaves © Graeme Cannon

A beautiful carpet of bluebells beneath the fresh spring Beech leaves

Route overview

This walk takes in the best of the bluebell sites at Ashridge and can be done in a number of sections. It is also a great walk at other times of year as it takes in a wide range of woodland across the estate.

Route details

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Bluebell walk at Ashridge
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Start: Ashridge Estate Visitor Centre, grid ref: SP 97874 12527

  1. Standing with your back to the Visitor Centre follow the road to your left around the outside of the centre and cafe, and into the woods. Just within the woods the path splits. Take the right fork which drops gently down hill.

    Show/HideViews of Aldbury

    Along this path a number of view points allow glimpses of the picturesque village of Aldbury in the valley below.

    View of Aldbury from Old Copse walk © Graeme Cannon
  2. When the path splits again take the left fork which will keep you on a level path with views towards Aldbury on your right. Follow this path until you come to a junction.

    Show/HideOld Copse

    Old Copse is one of our favourite spots for bluebells. Here English bluebells can be seen in their natural environment amid ancient beech trees. This is a real contrast to the regimented plantation beeches that can be seen at Dockey Wood later in this walk.

    null © Jacqueline Le Sueur
  3. Turn left at the junction. You will immediately pass a cottage and hit a hard surfaced track. Turn left onto the track and pass through a gate into the cottage's car park. Pass through the car park onto a wooded avenue. Follow this wide footpath until you come to a junction where five paths meet.

    Show/HideHidden formality

    Beyond the gates at Old Copse Lodge you enter one of the Ashridge Estate's formal rides. You can still see remnants of the exotic planting which lined the path. These include giant Wellingtonias and yews.

    Detail of a large wellingtonia at Ashridge © Coralie Hancock-Barnett
  4. Imagine that this junction is a roundabout. Take the path second left (this would be about 11 O'clock if you prefer the clock face analogy). Follow this path, ignoring cross-paths, until you arrive at the tarmaced Monument Drive.

  5. If you would like to return to the Visitor Centre at this point turn left and follow the drive. If you would like to continue cross Monument Drive and follow the path to the right of the open area on the other side as it goes into the woods ahead.

  6. At the first crossroads you come to turn right. Continue ahead until you come to a junction where multiple paths meet and you appear to have two straight on options.

  7. Take the left ahead option. This path very quickly drops down hill and up again. This is its most distinguishing feature. Follow this path for about half a mile as it gradually inclines. Ignore a number of paths on both sides.

  8. When you come to a junction marked by with a large number of way markers - including bridleways straight on, left and right - and you can just make out the main road to your right, turn left. There are a number of similar looking junctions before this one so it is worth walking on if you are in doubt. If you do walk on and arrive at the back of a set of cottages you have gone too far so turn around and take the first bridleway signposted to your right.

  9. The path will begin to widen and to your right you will see open spaces and you may catch glimpses of a car park. At the junction with the path which comes from this car park you have the opportunity to cut your walk short. If you turn left here and follow the main path as it curves gently to the right you will find your way to Duncombe Terrace. Turning left onto the Terrace you can then follow the well made track back to the Visitor Centre. If you wish to continue your walk, follow the path straight ahead. This path will bear slightly right and then straighten up. Ignore cross-paths but keep an eye-out for a right turn not matched by a path coming from the left.

  10. Take this right turn. You will very soon be able to see the road and the back of a small car park. When you arrive in the car park you will see a tree plantation ahead of you. This is Dockey Wood.

  11. If you would like to explore Dockey Wood you can cross the road and follow the footpaths within the wood itself. During bluebell season please follow temporary instructions about the use of footpaths as we are trying to reduce the impact footfall has on this very popular area of the estate.

    Show/HideDockey Wood

    This is a particularly popular area of the estate during bluebell season, and is consequently very busy, however it does provide some of the densest carpets of bluebells on the estate between the lines of beech and oak trees.

    A beautiful carpet of bluebells beneath the fresh spring Beech leaves © Graeme Cannon
  12. With your back to Dockey Wood turn right and follow the road. There is a good size verge on the left side of the road, but do be careful as this road can be busy especially during bluebell season. Follow the road beyond the boundary of Dockey Wood and shortly after a footpath sign to your right turn back sharply into the woods on your left. As you make this turn there will be a sizable wind blown tree in front of you. The path then leads into a patch of bramles and winds gently downwards towards Duncombe Terrace.

  13. You have now arrived on Duncombe Terrace. Turn left here and follow the track all the way back to Monument Green and the Visitor Centre: this is approximately 1 mile.

End: Ashridge Estate Visitor Centre, grid ref: SP 97874 12527

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  • Trail: Walking
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Distance: 4.5 miles (7km)
  • Time: 2 hours 45 minutes to complete the whole route
  • OS Map: 181
  • Terrain:

    The first section of this walk is on even well surfaced tracks. The second longer half is more uneven and can be very muddy in wet weather. Dogs are welcome, but should be kept under close control at all times to avoid worrying wildlife.

  • How to get here:

    By foot: The Ashridge Visitor centre is a short detour from the Ridgeway footpath at Ivinghoe Beacon

    By bike: The Ashridge Visitor centre is close to the Chilterns Cycle Route and there are cycle stands at the centre.

    By bus: Buses stop close to the end of Monument Drive. Buses stop in Aldbury village which is a ½ mile uphill walk and also in Tring, which is a 1¾ mile walk.

    By train: Tring train station 1¾ miles - from the station you can take a taxi or walk to the estate. Ivinghoe Beacon: Cheddington train station 3½ miles

    By road: The Visitor Centre is located off the B4506 between Berkhamsted and Dagnall

  • Facilities:

    Toilets and cafe can be found at the National Trust Visitor Centre

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