Walking in the Ashridge countryside © Danny Eastman

Walking in the Ashridge countryside

Something different in every season

Want to get the most out of your visit? Then why not download one of our walks? Each walk gives clear directions and extra information about the things you'll see on your way around.

Done them before? As the season changes so do the views so even if you have done these walks before you're bound to see something different this time.

Ivinghoe Hills

This 2 mile walk is great for butterflies in summer and spectacular views the rest of the year

Duncombe Terrace family walk

View of Aldbury Nowers from Duncombe Terrace

This 2 mile walk takes you along Duncombe Terrace with its views over Aldbury Nowers. Note the ancient trees along the way.

Ancient trees

This 3 mile walk, which can be done in two parts, takes in some of our best ancient and veteran trees.

Old Copse and Thunderdell Woods

A circular 3 mile walk, beginning and ending at the visitor centre ,that takes you through areas of wildlife rich woodlands and commons.

Golden Valley and Ashridge House

 This 3.8 mile walk takes in part of the Golden Valley and views of the front of Ashridge House.

Bluebells of Ashridge

This walk 4.5 mile takes in the best of the bluebell sites at Ashridge and can be done in a number of sections. It is also a great walk at other times of year.

Monument to windmill circular

This 7.5 mile walk links two great reasons to visit the Ashridge Estate, the monument and Pitstone Windmill. Far enough to make a day out for the whole family.

Autumn colour trail and Lady's Walk

This 8 mile (9 km) walk takes in the best of the autumn colour at Ashridge along with some of the less well known areas of the estate.

Ashridge boundary trail

 This is a challenging 16 mile walk which includes many outstanding features of the estate, including Ivinghoe Beacon and ancient trees