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1st Lord Berwick

  • MP for Shrewsbury from 1768
  • Appointed 1st Lord Berwick in 1784
  • Commissions building of Attingham 1782–1785
  • Only Lord Berwick to have children at Attingham
  • House interiors not completed in his lifetime 



2nd Lord Berwick

  • Obsessive collector of paintings, sculpture and books
  • Spends extravagantly on improving Attingham
  • Commissions paintings by Angelica Kauffman
  • Appoints Nash to create Picture Gallery 1805-1807


2nd Lord Berwick

  • Appoints Humphry Repton to redesign estate
  • Scandalous marriage at age 41 to 17-year-old courtesan
  • Extravagant spending results in 1827/1829 bankruptcy sales
  • Flees to Italy following bankruptcy

3rd Lord Berwick

  • Serves 25 years as ambassador in Italy
  • Purchases key items at brother’s bankruptcy sale, including Hackert paintings
  • Introduces strong Italian element to collection
  • Interiors reflect his taste in furniture and art

3rd Lord Berwick

  • Responsible for key parts of Attingham’s collection including:
    • Italian furniture
    • dining table French ormolu by Thomire
    • Parisian ceramics by Dagoty
    • ambassadorial silver tableware by Paul Storr

4th Lord Berwick

  • Only holds title of Lord Berwick for six years
  • Local clergyman and Rector of Berrington
  • Enjoys country pursuits including hunting, fishing and shooting
  • Spends extravagantly on stocking wine cellars

5th Lord Berwick

  • Clears estate debts and modernises agriculture
  • Establishes prize Hereford Cattle herd
  • Demolishes Tern Hall and repairs Attingham
  • Accomplished musician and maker of musical instruments
  • Patents the Cronkhill rifle

6th/7th Lord Berwick

  • Both lords serve in armed forces
  • Neither lord lives full time at Attingham
  • 7th Lord leaves army due to debts
  • Period of decline and neglect at Attingham

8th Lord Berwick

  • Serves as diplomat in Paris
  • Last lord to inherit/live at Attingham
  • Marries Teresa Hulton - 1919
  • Spends married life restoring Attingham
  • Introduces French decorative arts
  • Gifts Attingham to National Trust - 1947

Education College

  • Established 1947-1976
  • Several first floor rooms altered to accommodate college
  • Sir George Trevelyan is influential college warden
  • Courses include astrology and poetry
  • Leads to foundation of Attingham Summer School

National Trust

  • Attingham Re-discovered project starts - 2000
  • Transparent approach to conservation/visitor engagement
  • Key successes: Boudoir conservation; Octagon Room restoration; Dining Room presentation and Picture Gallery carpet

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