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The atmospheric Dining Room at Attingham Park © National Trust/Attingham Park

The atmospheric Dining Room at Attingham Park

Attingham Re-discovered

Since 2006, 'Attingham Re-discovered' has been bringing the house and grounds back to life. Join us on this fascinating journey and witness our conservation and restoration.

The work we do each year depends on staff capacity and income generated on-site. It's important to move slowly and carefully, not rushing decisions. There's no project end date; initially it was to last six years but its success encouraged us to be more ambitious.

Rather than closing off whole areas until they're ‘ready’, we aim to show ‘conservation in action’ so you can see experts at work. By including you in the debates, we hope to make clear why decisions need to be so carefully thought through, why they often take so long, cost a lot of money and that there are usually no right or wrong answers.

Picture Gallery roof

Come and discover our important work in the Picture Gallery © National Trust/Attingham Park

Come and discover our important work in the Picture Gallery

One of Attingham's most impressive rooms is John Nash's Picture Gallery. It is the focus of a major upcoming renovation project, as extensive improvements to the roof are now required.

This vital and ambitious work is due to start soon. You'll get the chance to engage with the project and witness its development first-hand.

Walled Garden re-discovered

The Walled Garden at Attingham Park © National Trust/Paul Highnam

The Walled Garden at Attingham Park

Built in the 1780s, the Walled Garden played a valuable role providing food for the whole household.

By the 1960s it had declined, with its fruit trees ripped out and the ground used as a football field.

Now ¾ of the garden is back in production, providing delicious ingredients for our tea-rooms and shop.

Other ongoing projects

You can find out about our vital conservation work © National Trust/Attingham Park

You can find out about our vital conservation work

The servants' rooms on the basement level are being re-discovered. You can now visit our completed butler's pantry, evoking life 'below stairs'.

On the first floor there's a fascinating comparison between the 2nd and 8th Ladies Berwick, living their lives a century apart.

Look out for other themed exhibitions throughout the year.

Projects we've completed so far

  • The atmospheric Dining Room set for an evening banquet © David Levenson

    The Ambassador's Dinner

    The Dining Room is set for a grand evening meal in the 1830s, when the 3rd Lord Berwick returned to Attingham with his French porcelain, ambassadorial silverware and glistening candelabras. The whole effect is stunning.

  • An artist's impression of the Octagon Room at Attingham Park © National Trust/Peter Brears

    Restoring the Octagon Room

    We've been restoring the striking decorative scheme in Lord Berwick’s study. Now re-decorated, with extravagant curtains and a new carpet, the room has regained its important role on the masculine side of the house.

  • Wallpaper in a boudoir at Attingham © National Trust/Annabelle Monaghan

    The beautiful Boudoir

    The walls and ceiling of this delicate feminine room had become darkened with years of dust, dirt and soot. They now glisten and shine once again after being painstakingly cleaned by a painting conservator.