Behind the scenes

Mansion blog

Get the up highs of our roof project and the down lows of our conservation cleaning on the Attingham mansion blog. Our house team will be sharing their work in weekly posts, from archive discoveries to deep cleaning the chandeliers, and taking you behind the scenes to discover what life on our mansion team is like.

What a wind-up

Winding 15 delicate clocks weekly is just one of th ejobs our team do

Did you know that every one of Attingham's 15 intricate clocks has to be carefully wound each week? Caroline, our Conservation Assistant, does this every week to make sure the mechanisms don't seize up. Why not see if you can spot them all on your next visit - thanks to our mansion team, they should be ticking away happily to help you find them.

Wading in rivers is just part of Joy's job - find out more in her blog © National Trust

Wading in rivers is just part of Joy's job - find out more in her blog

Wade in with the wardens

Our wardens are responsible for looking after our parkland and wildlife, from clearing storm-damaged trees to monitoring our birds and building natural play structures. Take a peek into the life of a warden at Attingham on Joy's blog, and find out what they've been getting up to, what wildlife they've spotted and more. One thing's for certain, working here is never dull!