Attingham Re-discovered: the new roof project

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The Attingham Re-discovered project is about to enter its most exciting and ambitious chapter with major improvements to the Picture Gallery roof and glass dome above the Grand Staircase.

A famous architect

Designed by the famous Regency architect, John Nash, for the 2nd Lord Berwick, the Picture Gallery is arguably the centrepiece of the mansion at Attingham. It houses a fascinating range of Grand Tour paintings and furniture.

Nash also designed the Grand Staircase, which connects the Picture Gallery to the first floor and features unusual fish scale decoration. Its dome is reminiscent of Brighton Pavilion, which Nash went on to design in 1815.

The need for a replacement roof

Unfortunately, Nash’s innovative roof - one of the first domestic uses of cast iron in the country - is leaking. A secondary roof put in place in the 1970s has reached the end of its useful life and needs replacing.

A major refurbishment is required to protect the treasures that lie beneath and work is due to start this year.

See the work for yourself

This refurbishment gives us an excellent opportunity to investigate the structure and condition of Nash’s original roof.

Experience conservation in action and witness this delicate and vital work unfolding. From inside the picture gallery and from the viewing windows, you'll be able to experience a momentous once-in-a-100-year chance to witness Attingham's restoration reach another level.

Our guides are on hand to answer questions you may have, so come and experience this exciting development in Attingham’s history first-hand.