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Rangers at work in Avebury Henge © M Webb

Rangers at work in Avebury Henge

From fixing gates...

Our rangers routinely maintain routes around Avebury. Entry points to the stone circle are kept up, and footpaths to other archaeological sites in the landscape are kept clear for visitors to enjoy greater access to the countryside.

Portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry © M Webb

Portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

...to X-ray fluorescence spectrometry...

A selection of important prehistoric artefacts are on display in the galleries of the Alexander Keiller Museum. More material is held in the museum's archives, however this is not a static collection and from time to time detailed research work is undertaken on the objects that are held here.

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Our latest project

Avebury Manor has been empty for years. We have teamed up with the BBC and an enthusiastic team of experts and volunteers to transform this lovely historic house and bring it back to life.