Behind the scenes

Collections care

Pest control

Pest control in Stables Archive Avebury

Regular pest control measures are in place to monitor and deal with a variety of typical museum pests, such as varied carpet beetle.

  • Our pest control expert examines insect traps in the Stables Gallery archive.

Environment control

Vintage car in the Alexander Keiller Museum Barn Gallery

Objects in the museum are monitored for temperature and humidity. Alexander Keiller's rare motor car is kept in a controlled atmosphere.

  • The car is being cleaned to National Trust conservation standards

Light control

Collections' Care - use of blue wool dosimeter in the Stables Gallery, Alex

Blue Wool Dosimeters contain a strip of dyed wool. Its rate of colour change due to exposure to light is measured over time.

  • One has been put in an area of the museum that could be vulnerable to light (top right)

Collections research

The objects

portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometry

The objects are primarily of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age date.

The library

A researcher in the archive of the Alexander Keiller Museum, Avebury

The museum library has an extensive collection of archaeological publications. It also houses much of Alexander Keiller's correspondence.

  • A researcher is consulting documentary evidence

The archive

English Heritage photographer at work in Archive at Avebury

The paper and photographic archive from excavations conducted in the area in the 1920s and 1930s, by Alexander Keiller and others, is kept here.

  • A photographer adds material to the archive