Avebury Manor and Garden

Avebury Manor from the south lawn © NT/Nick Batten

Avebury Manor from the south lawn

A day out with a difference

Avebury Manor was the subject of a unique collaboration with the BBC. The lives and stories of the house's many owners were brought to life by the use of interior design, including the creation of many new pieces.

As we are now in the quieter part of the year there is no need to book tickets in advance to see the house. 

Relax as though you were visiting the home of a dear friend © NT images

Relax as though you were visiting the home of a dear friend

Come and play

Relax with a book in the armchairs, have a game or two in the Billiards Room, or even try out the four-poster beds for size.

This groundbreaking project now means that many rooms have been furnished and the house has become a vibrant place where you can enjoy a journey through time.

Don't miss our autumn exhibition

Something old, something new... creating the BBC Manor Reborn interiors

This exhibition celebrates the craftsmanship, skills and imagination involved in the transformation of Avebury Manor.

A garden of hidden delights

The scent of lavender surrounds the path to Avebury Manor in the summer

An atmospheric place to wander, the Manor garden features topiary and tranquility. Bees buzz in walled gardens lined with cat mint and a seasonal dahlia display makes a riot of colour in late summer.

Update on the Tudor ceiling

Following urgent stabilization work, we have now been able to open the Tudor parlour once more. 

Sadly the Tudor bedroom is still closed while our conservators work to prevent any more cracks emerging.