Explore the gardens

The Gatehouse at Baddesley Clinton. © David Levenson

The Gatehouse at Baddesley Clinton.

There’s something for everyone in the gardens: play in the woodland, walk around the lake or simply find a quiet seat and relax.

The formal walled garden, with flower borders and fruit trees, makes a lovely contrast to the nature trail through the woods and around the fish pools.

Seasonal highlights

Courtyard garden in full flower during June © National Trust

Courtyard garden in full flower during June

Over the years the gardens have evolved into a mix of pleasure and production, with new areas being added all the time.

Orginally the medieval residents would have used the garden to provide food, with stew ponds providing fresh fish.

A garden conservation plan is underway to help us understand the garden development and plan for the future.

The vegetable patch

Baddesley Clinton vegetable garden © Mark Watkins

Baddesley Clinton vegetable garden

Our gardeners work hard all year-round to grow vegetables and herbs. Our vegetable patch provides ingredients for some dishes in the restaurant. You will also find hints and tips on growing plants and the varieties we use. As well as been a functional area it is also a show garden that demonstrates how fruit and vegetables can be used in a decorative way.

Read how the vegetables are put to use in the Barn Restaurant.

Enjoy the garden

Find out what the gardens at Baddesley were like when the Victorian Quartet lived here, with our handy new information sheets under some of the benches

Seasonal delights

  • Frost on oak leaves © Stephen Robson

    Crispy winter

    See frost-covered trees and ponds and feel crisp grass underfoot.

  • Daffodils at |Baddesley Clinton in the spring © Mark Watkins

    Colourful spring

    The garden springs into life with snowdrops, daffodils and buds on the trees.

  • The garden is a collage of colours in summer © Tia Symonds

    Mid summer

    See the hanging wisteria in the courtyard or take in the flowery scents in the walled garden.

  • Arnhel de Serra © Tia Symonds

    Fruity autumn

    The dahlia border is in full bloom and apples are harvested in the walled garden.

Busy bees

Honey bee (Apis mellifera) feeding on a dahlia flower

This year we welcomed our newest recruits, a hive of bees.

The bees are looked after and cared for by a volunteer beekeeper. Our aim is to help reverse the declining number of honey bees.