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A place to come back to

Baddesley Clinton was the home of the Ferrers family for 500 years.

Constant in their adherence to the catholic faith and often short of money, the house nevertheless passed from father to son for 12 generations before finally being sold in 1940.

Much of the house you see today was built by Henry Ferrers, a lawyer, diarist and antiquarian, in the late 1500s.

Proud of his family, he filled the house with coats of arms in stained glass, carved oak and stone.

The house was a sanctuary not only for the family, but also for persecuted Catholics who were hidden, from priest hunters in its secret hiding places during the 1590s.

By the end of 1600s the estate was in decline and it wasn't until Marmion Edward Ferrers came to Baddesley in the 1860s that its fortunes picked up. With his wife Rebecca, his friend Edward Dering and his wife Lady Georgiana, the house became a retreat once again, this time for two couples who devoted their time to painting, writing and restoring the house.

- Start your visit with an introductory talk at the front of the house to find out more about the fascinating and unexpected stories Baddesley Clinton has to offer.

- Finish by enjoying the delightful menu in the Barn Restaurant or find something to remember your day with, in our gift shop.

Come back soon...

We're open all year, except 24 and 25 December, so pop back to see the changing seasons in the gardens, or for one of our events.

A Victorian Christmas

Enjoy a Christmas visit at Baddesley Clinton

Enjoy a Christmas visit at Baddesley Clinton

Many of our favourite Christmas traditions started in the Victorian period, introduced by Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert.

We invite you to come and see the house decorated for Christmas in a traditional Victorian manner - have a seat in the great hall and warm up from the cold in front of the roaring fire and admire our Christmas tree.

We are pleased to announce that local brass bands will be playing Christmas carols in the barnyard, throughout December.

Christmas domes

Miniature Baddesley Clinton

A selection of original Christmas cards sent by friends to the Quartet are on display in the house; set in glass domes and surrounded by beautiful paper scenes created by artist Helen Musselwhite.

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