A plantswoman's garden

Through the gate towards the squash court

Through the gate towards the squash court

The famous garden designer, Gertrude Jekyll, was consulted by Elsie, Colonel Lyle’s wife, on the best planting schemes and layout for the gardens. Gertrude, was, at this time, well into her seventies and almost blind, but she was able to advise just by crumbling the soil, which was sent to her in biscuit tins, on what would grow best in the limy earth. Elsie visited Gertrude, to discuss the plans for the gardens and much of what you see today is inspired by these earlier plans.

Home grown

Freshly harvested fruit and vegetables for Strode Restaurant

Traditionally the kitchen garden was the larder of any country house. Our kitchen garden is a working gem and still fulfils its original function of providing fresh fruit and veg, for our restaurant.

A house with a moat

The moat surrounding the Court House

Over the past few years heavy deposits of silt have built up, there have been problems with weed and the grass banks have become eroded. A renovation project is due to begin this autumn to restore this water course.

The pergola walk

Clematis growing over the pergola

The brick and wood pergola was designed by our current head gardener, Christine, and Andrew Lyle to cover the path from the Bustalls to the White Garden. Climbers include honeysuckle. jasmine, hop and clematises.

Goose orchard

Spring time blossom

Formley known as the Old Orchard. The fruit trees provide a lovely display of blossom in the spring. The apples are harvested and used in our very own apple juice and cider, which you can try in the café.