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Six sights to explore

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Dog walking

Two happy little chaps enjoying life in the countryside

The Bath Skyline is a beautiful place to let your four-legged friend roam. Enjoy various scenic routes such as through Smallcombe Vale, over Bathwick fields or across Sham Castle Down.

Please be aware if walking between April and November you'e very likely to encounter cattle grazing and we ask you to please keep your dogs under close control.

Bath Skyline walk

Get out and about and enjoy the 6-mile trek along the Bath Skyline. Encounter spectacular views of the Heritage City of Bath, intimate hidden valleys, 18th-century follies, tranquil woodlands and rolling meadows.

Great British Walk 19 Sep - 20 Oct 2015

Great British Walks at National Trust 

There’s a great feeling waiting for you in the outdoors. Find a local trail, or check our events page for a guided walk. 

Activities on the skyline

Whatever the season and whatever the weather, there's plenty to do for lovers of the outdoors. 

Flora and fauna

How big do you guess this anthill is?

Have you seen our yellow meadow anthills at Rainbow Wood? Find out all about these fascinating ants - what they eat, where they live and their life cycle in our article below.

Yellow meadow ants article