The Hall

Berrington Hall © Rupert Truman

Berrington Hall

Georgian masterpiece

Berrington was saved for the nation in 1957 because it is one of the few masterpieces of the famous architect Henry Holland (1746- 1806) to survive intact. His villa of 1778 -83 was compactly and intricately planned to sit on a new site selected by the aging ‘Capability’ Brown, who had laid out the new park. The almost complete survival of Holland’s internal scheme makes Berrington of international significance.

The family

Sir Thomas Harley © Nationaltrustimages

Thomas Harley (1730 – 1804) commissioned Henry Holland, the son-in-law of ‘Capability’ Brown, to build the house around 1778.

The family

The return of the 7th Lord Rodney © John Hammond

The homecoming of the 7th Lord Rodney. He later sold the house to clear debts.

The family

Lord Crawley and his sons © John Hammond

Fredrick Cawley, a Lancastrian cotton mill owner, purchased the estate in 1901 and his descendants lived here until it was acquired by the Trust in 1957.

A thousand fancies

Berrington blue bonnet © NT

We are pleased to announce a stunning year of costume exhibitions, starting in March with a display of 18th- to 20th-century hats and bonnets from the Charles Paget Wade collection and Hereford museum.

Our treasures

The boudoir © Nationaltrustimages

Close-up of the top of a lapis blue scagliola column in the Boudoir.  It also shows the elaborate gilded plasterwork frieze and pilaster used around the curved alcove at the end of the room.

Our treasures

Ironing stove © Nationaltrustimages

The below stairs tour contains a varied selection of early appliances used by the servants including this ironing stove in the Laundry with its collection of irons and a long handled refuelling shovel.

Our treasures

Tapestry in entrance hall © Nationaltrustimages

One of the early 20th century Aubusson-Felletin tapestries commissioned by the first Lord Cawley.


Our treasures

Dining room ceiling © Nationaltrustimages

On the dining room ceiling, the central inset roundel was painted in the style of Biagio Rebecca with a composite scene based on Raphael’s Banquet of the Gods and The Council.

Our treasures

Grand Staircase designed by Henry Holland © Nationaltrustimages

The main staircase with bronzed balustrade is a central feature of the hall

Don't miss

  • Seeing one of the few residences designed by the famous Henry Holland to remain largely intact.
  • Learning how the 7th Lord Rodney’s fortune changed until he eventually lost his riches, his estate and his wife.
  • Viewing the exquisite 18th Century French neo-classical decorations in the ground floor rooms.
  • Finding out what happened to Lord Cawley’s butler and see how the servants lived ‘below stairs’.
  • Seeing the house in its ‘Capability’ Brown landscape and the panoramic views towards Wales.

The west front of Berrington Hall

Berrington house © Rupert Truman

Berrington house

The laundry

Young visitors washing clothes © Nationaltrustimages

Young visitors washing clothes

The grand entrance hall

The neo-classical design of Henry Holland © Nationaltrustimages

The neo-classical design of Henry Holland

The drawing room

The main reception room designed by Henry Holland © Nadia Mackensie

The main reception room designed by Henry Holland

The Wade collection

From March 2014 a range of costumes will be on display © Nationaltrustimages

From March 2014 a range of costumes will be on display