KS2: Second World War at Birmingham Back to Backs

Play games in the air raid shelter while you wait for the all-clear © Lianne Cooper

Play games in the air raid shelter while you wait for the all-clear

At Birmingham Back to Backs, we offer the chance to look at life during the Second World War as part of our school workshops program, helping to enhance what's taught in the classroom for Key Stage 2.

Interactive tour
Our tour gives children the chance to see what life was like for a wartime child and their family.

The day starts with the fire needed for the day-to-day running of the home, then our guides show children our wartime houses and courtyard, including a visit to our very own air raid shelter.

Walking around the property taking in the sights, smells and sounds, the guides will talk about blackouts, evacuations, overcrowding, rationing and 'dig for victory', as well as life in Birmingham at the time.

After the tour (and a short break with drinks provided), children can get a hands-on experience of activities common during the war years for children of their age. This involves bath night, toys, games, helping with the clothes wash and a visit to the sweet shop to see how far rations would go.

This gives the children a chance to compare life now to life then and see how things have changed.

How to book

  • For prices and information on how to book a school workshop for KS2, please contact our Learning Officer on 0121 6222442.