Things to see & do

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What's on

We host a range of walks from nightjar spotting to autumnal strolls. Please check our events listing for further details.

March highlights

Adder basking in the sun © Malcolm Fisher

Awakening of reptiles adders Early spring days awaken adders and other reptiles from hibernation on the south western slopes. Walking along the woodland rides you will see butterflies fluttering in the sun.

April highlights

Woodland wildflowers such as wood anemones flourish here ©

 Trees are coming into bud and spring flowers such as wood anemone and celandine appear. Tuneful birdsong can be heard in the beech hangers that are characteristic to this area.

May highlights

Cuckoo keeping watch on the world © (C) Richard J Nicoll 2014

 The harbinger of spring, the cuckoo can be heard everywhere on the hill. The vivid green of the new beech tree leaves are a sight to see on the east side of Black Down.

Big Camp event

Come and take part in a truly wild camping experience on Black Down. Take a night walk and listen for bats and the elusive nightjar, settle down next to the campfire and sleep under the stars.