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Tidal surge damage in pictures

Tidal surge clean up

Opening the sluices gates at Blakeney Freshes to drain the sea water

We like many others on the Norfolk coast are still recovering from the damaged caused by the severe tidal surge on 5 December. Work began immediately in response to the large areas of coastline affected whilst considering the local economic, environmental and ecological needs.

Morston Bridges

Over the last two years we have been assessing the condition of the two large footbridges at Morston Quay. However, following the recent tidal surge one of the bridges was destroyed and we have now started a project to replace the bridges for the long term.

Lifeboat House

The damaged Lifeboat House on Blakeney Point

The Lifeboat House was badly damaged by the flooding and was a particularly sorry sight for us all following all the renovation work we had undertaken in the last 10 months. Contractors have been busy on site working on restoring it back to its former glory.

Stiffkey boat park

Displaced boats at Stiffkey Quay

Stiffkey Freshes was battered by the tidal surge. A huge volume of debris was washed up here with many boats forced high into the gorse bushes and jumbled on top of one another. If you owned a boat here please get in contact norfolkcoast@nationaltrust.org.uk

Blakeney Freshes

Blakeney Freshes swamped by sea water

Flooding of freshwater marshes has presented the most complex issues after the sea defences were breached, resulting in saltwater flooding. The National Trust is very clear in its position that in planning for the long-term future of these marshes, doing nothing is not an option.

How it happened

Tidal surge breaching the embankment at Blakeney

On Thursday 5 December, the Norfolk coast was hit by a severe tidal surge, which resulted in extensive flooding. If you're visiting the Norfolk coast, please take care, some footpaths and coastal areas are still impassable.

Tern of a new season

On Thursday 5 December 2013 a severe tidal surge hit the Norfolk coast, which resulted in extensive flooding. As clear up work continues,and the Lifeboat House is repaired, our ranger team are now preparing to move out to The Point for the arrival of the Terns and the bird breeding season.

Life on a special Point