Caroline, Lady Suffield of Blickling Hall

Lady Suffield, owner of Blickling Hall, inherited Blickling in 1793

Lady Suffield, owner of Blickling Hall, inherited Blickling in 1793

Discover the history of Caroline Hobart - second daughter of the 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire - who inherited Blickling in 1793.

The life and times

Her husband was William Assheton Harbord, who became Lord Suffield upon marrying Caroline in 1810. With no children, Blickling passed to the Lothians on Lord Suffield’s death in 1821. Lady Suffield, however, lived on at Blickling until 1850.

Surprisingly little is known about the long tenure of Lady Suffield. She and her husband invited the fashionable London architect, Joseph Bonomi to design a striking pyramidal mausoleum for the 2nd Earl.

Lady Suffield makes an impression

In the late 1820s Lady Suffield made her mark on Blickling. She was an enterprising gardener and employed Humphry Repton and his eldest son John Gunton.

In 1820, John Adey Repton also worked on the garden and on some buildings on the Estate. Repton submitted a design for the reconstruction of the central clock tower in 1828 which, with minor changes, was carried out. The linking of the arcades between the house and wings were also his.

Fire at Blickling

Blickling twice escaped destruction by fire. It was said that if not for the courage of the butler, principal footman and innkeeper, 'who exposed themselves to the fire and smoke... almost to suffocation until the flames were extinguished', it would have been impossible to save the house.

Lady Suffield dies aged 83

Caroline, Lady Suffield, died aged 83 and was buried at Gunton. At last, the Lothian family - for whom Blickling was destined since 1821 - could take full possession of the House and Estate.