Top ten things to see in the house

We asked members of the house team what their favourite things were in the house. Take a look at their choices, and then come and visit the house and see if you can find them. They may become some of your favourites too.

    The ceiling

    Part of the white ceiling in the Long Gallery showing a lady smelling flowers

    Long Gallery

    "I have chosen the Long Gallery ceiling because I like the craftsmanship and detail of the illustrations of the five senses. My particular favourite is the lady smelling a bunch of flowers which shows the sense of smell."

    Lauren, Conservation Assistant

    The story of Abraham tapestry

    A tapestry depicting the story of the Abraham

    Upper Ante Room

    "I have chosen one of eight tapestries of the story of Abraham ‘The meeting of Abraham and Melchisedek’, because of the bright vivid colours and the intricate details of the background. I like the story of Abraham from the Old Testament as Abraham was chosen by God."

    Junko, Conservation Cleaner


    Damask wall coverings

    Floral decoration on damask wall covering

    Peter the Great Room

    "This room was created to accommodate the tapestry depicting Peter the Great defeating the Swedes at the Battle of Poltawa. As it was built in 1779, it has a completely different feel and mood to the rest of the house. It is very elegant with its high ceiling and Regency décor. The reproduction wall coverings made from wool and damask reflect the day light from the north facing windows giving the room a constantly changing ambiance. I would love to see this room by candle light and being used as a music room once again."

    Jo, Assistant to Duty Manager


    Portrait of Lady Emma Brownlow

    Pastel portrait of Lady Emma Brownlow seated, wearing a rose pink dress

    Chinese Dressing Room

    "This small pastel portrait of Lady Brownlow appeals to me not only because of the sitter, the beautiful granddaughter of the 2nd Earl John Hobart, but also because of the nature of the medium used to execute such a fine painting.

    In her old age, Lady Brownlow lived in a delightful house overlooking the sea in Torquay, where she died at the age of 80 in 1872. She wrote a book called Slight Reminiscences of a Septuagenarian, because as she said, "I am now an old woman, and having lived in stirring times from my youth, and most of my contemporaries having dropped around me, I am also an old chronicle with the memories of bygone days still fresh in my mind." I am still yet to read the book."

    Jan, House Manager


    Scent bottle

    A ruby red scent bottle with intricate floral design

    Lothian Row Bathroom

    "This delicate little scent bottle is displayed alongside some other smaller items in the bathroom. Octagonal in shape and decorated with a vine, ivy and foliage design, for me, what I find most attractive about this item, is its stunning bohemian ruby colour. I would love to have this sitting on my own dressing table."

    Amanda, Conservation Assistant


    Ivory cabinet

    Ivory cabinet with images of dragon flies and a spiders web on the front

    Chinese Bedroom

    "I know ivory is a controversial material, but what makes this little cabinet my favourite thing in spite of it being made of ivory, is the workmanship. If you look closely at the base, the craftsmen have spent a lot of time and effort to cut into the base to create a 3D image; there are even tiny figures crossing the bridge."

    Kenny, House Steward


    Victorian set of glassware

    A wine glass with a leaf pattern and gold trim from a collection of Victorian glassware

    The Serving Room

    "I chose this set of glassware as my favourite thing because of not only the exquisite design and details, but the whole set contains many varied pieces designed for every occasion."

    Christina, Conservation Assistant



    The bearded man

    Wooden carved figure of a bearded man

    The Great Hall

    "When the Great Hall was remodelled in 1767, the Jacobean oak staircase that once stood in the Lower Ante Room was (in most part), moved into the Great Hall and reassembled by Thomas and William Ivory of Norwich. The staircase was matched primarily in pinewood, to create a new double flight staircase.

    At every flight there is a newel post topped with a wooden carved figure. The bearded man is one of only four carved figures that survive from the Jacobean staircase. It demonstrates the beautiful craftsmanship of the day, but it is the history behind this figure that appeals to me - if only the bearded man could talk, I think he might have a story or two to tell."

    Louise, Assistant House Manager


    Sweetmeat box

    Sweetmeat box with gilt foilage

    Chinese Bedroom

    "This sweetmeat box first caught my eye when I came to Blickling many years ago as a visitor. Now that I work here, it is still one of my favourite pieces (along with its twin that lives in the attics). The gilt foliage brings light to the room even on the darkest of days."

    Ellie, Conservation and Engagement Assistant


    Parisian book

    Illustration of a pig playing the bagpipes

    Long Gallery

    "Undoubtedly my favourite thing is probably also one of the smallest: on the shelves in the library is a book printed in Paris in 1518, and hiding in its pages is this charming little chap, a pig-thing playing the bagpipes. It is a small decorated capital letter C, measuring just 3.5 x 3.5 cm, used at the beginning of a paragraph discussing the appearance of camels in the Bible. The craftsmanship and level of detail in this tiny picture is staggering considering that it had be engraved and punched into a metal plate before it could be printed. Such whimsical pictures even in serious scholarly books reminds us that people 500 years ago liked to have fun just as much as we do today."

    John, Librarian