The House

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Discover the secret treasures hidden within

Take a tour

Delve in to the history of the house and enjoy a unique opportunity to find out more about what happens behind the scenes. Discover more about our portraits or let children have fun dressing up as a character from the past.

Step back in time

A group of children enjoying Apple Day at Blickling Hall

Experience what life was like below stairs or witness history coming to life with the Diggers, who perform in costume most Wednesdays throughout the season.

See us in action

Our conservators and some gentle cleaning of this great painting

Conservation in action occurs throughout the year, from ongoing cleaning to stand-alone projects; you may catch sight of it at any time.

A beautiful room dominated by the tapestry of Peter the Great © Kenny Gray

A beautiful room dominated by the tapestry of Peter the Great

Top things to see

We asked members of our house team which of their favourite items they'd list as the top things to see for a first time visitor to the house. Of course you may already have your favourites, and find new ones each time you return, but check out our house team's selection.

View our collections online

An important part of the Blickling collection

An important part of the Blickling collection

From great works of art by Gainsborough to the ordinary cotton underpants of a Midlands grocer, details of over 700,000 objects in the care of the National Trust are now online. Find out more about Blickling's important collection here, which includes magnificent tapestries, portraits by Gainsborough and Mytens and a fine view of Chelsea by Canaletto.

Did you know?

  • It is traditionally said that Anne Boleyn was born at the earlier Manor House (on the site of Blickling Hall)
  • On some weekends during Lord Lothian's residence, there were 36 fires for the housemaids to tend
  • During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Long Gallery would have been used for exercise - it is 123 feet long
  • Air crew from RAF Horsham St Faiths were billeted to Blickling Hall during the Second World War
  • In 1938 Queen Mary attended a performance of 'The Masque of Anne Boleyn' in the grounds of Blickling
  • The Long Gallery contains over 12,000 volumes
  • In 1936 Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin spent three weeks at Blickling as Lord Lothian’s guest during the Edward VIII abdication crisis