A grandstand view of Blickling's Tower Park

A view of the Grandstand Tower from Tower Park, Blickling

A view of the Grandstand Tower from Tower Park, Blickling

Tower Park gets its name from Grandstand Tower, built in the 1770s to watch horse racing. 

It's positioned to give a good view of approximately 100ha of the park. It is also part of the deer park laid out by the Second Earl. This deer park extended westwards from the West Garden to Hyde Park and northwards towards Moorgate.

A new look

As part of the continuing restoration of the historic Blickling landscape Tower Park is returning to grassland. This is to reverse the effects of the 'Dig for Victory' needs of the nation during and after the two World Wars.

A grazing regime is being adopted to encourage good diversity, with small mammals, hares, owls, bats, swallows, house martins, skylarks, and many more species finding somewhere to live and something to eat.

Access all areas

We're removing a lot of the fencing from Tower Park, allowing access so that people can enjoy Blickling in a new way. This new access will be for everyone, and together we can make Blickling a place where walkers, cyclists, horse riders, farm tenants and wildlife share the benefits of this restoration work.

The past...

Horse racing was held here from 1771, before the tower was built, but probably came to an end by 1784. The nearby town of Aylsham also had a race ground that proved to be more popular.  This probably contributed to the end of racing in Tower Park.

In 1887 the tower was converted into a house with the addition of a single storey for use as a kitchen. Even at ground level, the tower provides great views of the parkland and of the Great Wood.

...and the present

You can now come and stay in the Grandstand Tower - it's available as a holiday cottage - and enjoy fabulous views over the park.