Blickling Estate cycle trail

Blickling, Aylsham, Norfolk. NR11 6NF

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 © John Millar

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 © John Millar

Route overview

Blickling Hall sits proudly in the rural North Norfolk countryside and has done so for more than 500 years. Fortunately for cyclists a large part of the estate is accessible thanks to purpose built trails. This route follows the main waymarked trail through the park but with an extension to incorporate the nearby Marriotts Way and the small market town of Aylsham.

Route details

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Blickling cycle route
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Start: Main car park

  1. From the main car park leave through the rear entrance and follow the lane past the cottages to Park Gates (white gates at the entrance to the park)

  2. Go through the gate and follow the trail north to a small copse known as ‘The Beeches’

  3. Turn left through The Beeches and continue along the trail to a junction. You can divert here to visit the pyramidal mausoleum or turn right again to follow the main trail around the edge of Great Wood.

    Show/HideThe Mausoleum

    The mausoleum is a tomb for the 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire and his two wives and is almost unique in the country. From outside it’s a pyramid, inside it’s a dome. Peer through the windows and go round the back to read the memorial stone, topped by a magnificent bull - the emblem of the Hobart family.

     © John Millar
  4. Cross straight over Woodgate car park and continue slightly uphill following the trail as it winds through the woods to Bucks Common car park. Again go through the car park and the trail will take you past The Tower and down to a road.

    Show/HideThe Tower

    Built in the 1770s, the Tower (or mini-castle to you and I) with its Repunszel tower and rooftop terrace offering panoramic views, was designed for the 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire for watching horse racing in Tower Park. It’s now a rather nice holiday cottage.

     © National Trust images
  5. Crossing the road with care, you can now follow the track to the hamlet of Silvergate, with its thatched estate cottages. Turn right at the road junction and past the left edge of Abel Heath. The road switches back on itself and you need to follow it for just under a mile and turn left down a track (after a house on the left).

  6. The track will take you on to Marriotts Way, which you follow east for nearly 2 miles into the market town of Aylsham where it stops opposite the Bure Valley Railway. Head north into the town and follow the main road through the market place and out of the town again.

  7. Turn up the lane opposite the school and follow it to the right past Abel Heath and through Silvergate once more. The lane ends at the junction opposite Blickling Hall where it is very short distance back to the car park.

    Show/HideBlickling Hall

    From the 1450s until the beginning of the 17th century, Blickling was in the possession of the Boleyn family, a name now synonymous with Anne the second wife of Henry VIII (whose headless ghost is rumoured to haunt the hall to this day).

     © John Millar

End: Main car park

  • Trail: Cycling
  • Grade: Easy
  • Distance: 10 miles
  • Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • OS Map: 238 – Dereham and Aylsham
  • Terrain:

    Easy going and suitable for all abilities, but we'd recommend an all-terrain bike as some parts of the trail can be a little muddy after wet weather.

  • How to get here:

    Blickling Estate can be reached from Blickling Road (old B1354, reclassified to C593), signposted off A140 Norwich/Cromer. There is also a permitted path for cycles along the Bure Valley Railway.

  • Facilities:

    Refreshment stops:

    • Muddy Boots Cafe – Near main car park
    • Hobarts Restaurant – Next to the shop in the main hall
    • Buckinghamshire Arms – Near main car park
    • There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Aylsham
    • Cycle Hire - Next to visitor reception in the main car park

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