You might see these when you visit

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Watch our wildife

We set up a camera to catch the wildife at the decoy in action.

Watch more of our wildlife films here.

Go batty

The evening Bat Walk around the park

The woodland provides a wonderful habitat for bats, and there are many different species that make their home here. To encourage bats to remain in the wood we have fitted bat boxes in the trees.

Wild flowers

The season begins with carpets of bluebells provide a stunning display of colour and a wonderful sweet smell in spring. Then the woodland erupts into colour as the rest of the wildflowers bloom.




Fungi on tree

There are lots of different species of fungi that grow on the trees and fallen timber throughout the wood. How many can you spot? Remember not to touch, as some can be poisonous.


Our ranger team manage the woodland at the duck decoy to preserve the wildlife. We leave standing and fallen deadwood in place to create important habitats for fungi, insects, birds and bats.