Step into the past: The Poem at Bodnant Garden

The Poem, the family mausoleum at Bodnant Garden © Arnhel de Serra

The Poem, the family mausoleum at Bodnant Garden

Hidden deep in the garden, perched high above the river Hiraethlyn is The Poem.

The Poem is a mausoleum built by Henry Davis Pochin as a last resting place for him and his family. It's right at the centre of his beloved Bodnant.

Fantastic interior

Its beautiful interior features ornate stained glass windows. The sunlight filters into a kaleidoscope of colours that gives the marble floor a carpet of light. Impressive pillars of red Plymouth marble reach up to the starry ceiling. Arches in black Belgian marble frame a pure white Sicilian marble tablet, inscribed with details of family members. 


In recent years, the exterior of The Poem has undergone a programme of restoration. The roof has been made watertight, and the dressed stonework has been restored or replaced.

Take a peek

Enjoy a glimpse inside this lovely building which will open on the last Tuesday of each month. You can take in the peace and tranquility of this magnificent monument to the family that created Bodnant Garden.