Become a guardian

We have teamed up with five village schools © Roy Henderson

We have teamed up with five village schools

We work with the children and teachers from five village schools who have become the 'Guardians' of their local valley.

Helping Wildlife

Maurice, our woodland ranger, helps the schools explore the rare and protected ancient Atlantic Oak Woodlands of Borrowdale and Buttermere. Together they have collected acorns, grown them at school and planted them back in the woodlands. Young Guardians help monitor wild flowers on Braithwaite Common to help the Parish Council decide whether their management of the common is working.

Improving access

Children have helped rangers repair footpaths that locals and visitors enjoy. Guardians have also planted trees on a farm tenant's campsite to screen the reed bed, which naturally filters the water from the toilets, protecting Stonethwaite Beck.

Exploring the history of the landscape

Roy, our ranger for Borrowdale has lead Threlkeld school on expeditions to the mysterious Castlerigg Stone Circle. The children helped repair erosion damage caused by the feet of thousands of today’s visitors. They also learned how to knapp stone axes just as the Neolithic people who built the circle originally would have done.

Mark, our ranger for the Buttermere Valley is passionate about river restoration and about archaeology.  He has led young Guardians on visits to investigate how rivers work, how they erode and build up the land at different points, and to discover the abandoned settlements in the Buttermere Valley which once depended on the rivers and becks for their industry.