The natural play trail at Box Hill is fun for all ages © Jason Ingram

The natural play trail at Box Hill is fun for all ages

Natural play trail

This 2-mile level, circular walk is a chance to play in the woods: to explore, discover and have fun. The trail takes anything from an hour to a whole day. Don't be afraid to explore off the path.

Our natural play trail was designed for everyone to enjoy, not just children. So be brave, have a go, join in and play too.

Hill top stroll around Box Hill

A relatively gentle circular walk, taking around half an hour. It introduces some of the interesting features found around the top of Box Hill, including the viewpoint, the upside down grave and the Old Fort.

The stepping stones walk

This two mile circular walk takes about one and a half hours. You'll walk down 275 steps to the River Mole at the bottom of Box Hill and along the riverside. Then back to the top of Box Hill via a grassy slope.

The Box Hill and Headley Heath hike

This demanding circular hike, across Box Hill and Headley Heath, is eight miles. It should take around four hours but allow more time for rest stops. It is strenuous; climbing steep hills and dropping into steep valleys.

Headley Heath butterfly walk

More than 25 different butterfly species can be spotted on Headley Heath each year. This two mile walk takes you through a great diversity of fantastic butterfly habitats, and is a good reason to explore Headley Heath.

Box Hill butterfly walk

A challenging three mile walk through woods and across chalk downland. A great chance to spot some of the 40 different butterfly species found around Box Hill.

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