Defending the nation

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Brean's people

No one lives on Brean Down now, but people used to.

Find out about Brean's two most famous sons. Discover how one of them managed to blow up some of the Palmerston Fort, and himself.

Hidden Brean

Discover Brean Down

Discover Brean Down

The earliest signs of life on Brean Down date back to 10,000 BC. Evidence of extinct creatures such as mammoths and woolly rhinos has been uncovered here.

People have been living, farming and fighting on the down since the Stone Age. Signs of the early settlers are still visible today.

Ancient field systems and the archaeological remains of a Roman temple lie near the steps on Brean’s south side.

There used to be an Iron Age hill-fort on the east side, near Harry Cox's house. You can still see its banks and ditches.