Large Blue Butterfly at Collard Hill © Jim Elliott

Large Blue Butterfly at Collard Hill

The Large Blue Butterfly

Every June and early July we monitor the activities of a very rare butterfly on nearby Collard Hill. Find out more about the Large Blue and which other butterflies have been spotted on the Large Blue Blog, which will be picked up again next year.

Brean Down's rare plants

The beautiful white rock rose

The beautiful white rock rose

The southern slopes of the down have three rare plants. They live in close proximity in this closely grazed open turf. They are the white rock rose, dwarf sedge and Somerset hair grass. In high summer, this almost unique vegetation community in Britain has an almost Mediterranean appearance.

Birds on Brean

Brean's brave goats

Brean Down's residents

Look out for the feral goats happily munching away. You'll very often find these brave Brean Down residents on the rock faces on the side of the down. Rather them than us.

Lawn Moo-ers

Grazing cattle, along with the goats, help to keep the grass short and the scrub controlled. This helps us to preserve the rare limestone grassland on Brean Down.


Brean's bluebells

In May, the north side of Brean Down is covered in a dazzling carpet of bluebells, which makes it a great time to visit and see this spectacular sight.