Climbing at Brimham Rocks

Brimham's varied and dramatic natural landscape makes it the most diverse environment in Yorkshire for climbing. If you've got the equipment and the enthusiasm, then come and have a go.

Climbing on the rocks can be dangerous and requires skill and special equipment. Please be aware of heights and sudden drops, and keep children under close supervision.

Taking specialist advice or attending a climbing or bouldering event is a great idea to ensure that your day out is safe as well as fun. We run events all year round for all ages, so come along and see what's on offer.

Who is climbing suitable for?

Children as young as seven years old can try climbing at one of our family-friendly events, ranging from climbing discovery days for beginners to all-season adventures for the more experienced.

Volunteers have a go!

Hard hats are definitely needed to squeeze into the smallest spaces. Here our intrepid volunteers were having a go at weaselling as part of our 50 Things to do before you’re 11¾ campaign.

Check the weather before you head out

Some climbing techniques...


Experiencing the rocks from a whole new angle! © Peter Leathley

Bouldering: The most accessible and most varied climbing technique, this involves placing a crash pad (or bouldering mat) on the ground below the rock face then exploring the lower part of the rock. Instructors keep an eye on safety and help with equipment such as chalk and tape. Brimham has many ideal locations and interesting rock shapes to try this out.

Roped climbing

Experiencing the rocks from a whole new angle! © National Trust

Roped climbing: Here, an instructor sets up a system of ropes to recreate the security of an indoor climbing wall. At Brimham, our taller rock faces overlook the stunning valley of Lower Nidderdale.


Weaseling - don't get claustrophobic... © Peter Leathley

Weaselling: Ideal for children, this involves scrambling through tight spaces, around twisty passages, and discovering all the nooks and crannies in the rocks.