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Get wild about wildlife on Brownsea Island

Pupils take a boat trip and complete morning and/or afternoon sessions.

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Story time

This is for our younger visitors who can enjoy one of two different stories. You can use a trail to help local pirate Harry Paye find his treasure. Or why not find out what Sam the squirrel has for his tea? KS1

Outdoor adventure

Camping on Brownsea Island

Brownsea was the site of Baden-Powell’s experimental camp in 1907. We offer you a chance to learn more about the camp and try some of the activities based on the original 1907 experiment that led to the Scout movement.

Observation and tracking

The garden at South Shore Lodge

The island becomes a hunting ground during this session. You will come to understand the environment and how to live in it. This task will teach you how to use observation and tracking skills to survive in the wild.

Baden-Powell survival challenge

Woodland dens

In this activity you are challenged to follow Baden-Powell’s guidance as you try hut building, and other camp-making activities in the 1908 style. Your pupils will learn about the origins of the scouting movement.

Orienteering on Brownsea

Discover more about Brownsea Island

Brownsea is an ideal place to learn about map-reading and compass work and take part in physical activities. We provide different levels of difficulty for different ages, to help pupils learn about the island. KS 1 & 2

Go potty

Pottery waste, Brownsea Island

In Victorian times Brownsea had a thriving pottery industry. You will find out a little bit about how clay was used and then have a chance to make your own piece from quick drying clay. KS 1 & 2 - Art.

Natural art

Labyrinth was installed by Tim Norris along with pupils from local schools

Collect natural resources and create a work of art. You are challenged to use only string or natural materials when fixing pieces together to create your masterpiece. It's amazing what you can do. KS1 & KS2


Shield Bug

Brownsea is an important Nature Reserve with many habitats. You will be introduced to woodland, heathland, and wetland habitats amongst others and learn about their inhabitants. KS1 & KS2


An island home

Brownsea has a lot of history: pillaged by Vikings and blitzed in WWII

Come and find out what it is really like to live on an island.  This walk and talk will let you in on some of the secrets of island life and show how it is different from living on the mainland. KS1 - Geography.

All about squirrels

Red Squirrel hiding in the trees on Brownsea Island

Come and learn about the habitats, features and habits of these rare and special creatures. You will then set off across the island to try and spot them, using some of the clues you have learnt.

Investigating coasts

Beach on Brownsea Island

Our island is suffering from erosion and this will be the main focus. As well as considering different types of erosion and related issues, you will be shown some spectacular examples here on Brownsea. KS1 & KS2