For families

Try orienteering

Can you find your way with a map and compass? © National Trust/Ian Shaw

Can you find your way with a map and compass?

Coming soon: We're creating three exciting orienteering trails for you to download and try out at Badbury Woods. Use a compass and map to navigate through the trees and find the controls. There'll be a simple 'white' trail for beginners and more challenging ones suitable for families with older children too. Don't forget your compass.

Follow a trail

Father and child in woods at Coleshill © James Haydon

Father and child in woods at Coleshill

Coming soon: These trails will be perfect for families with younger children who enjoy a day of gentle exploring outdoors. Bring along your nets for some pond-dipping against the backdrop of the impressive 13th century monastic Great Coxwell Barn. Or explore inside a tree and make a trail with sticks in Badbury Woods.

Be prepared

Our estates don't have a visitor centre ... so please come prepared. We recommend downloading your trail before you set off, and don't forget to bring your own compass and pond dipping nets.

50 things at Great Coxwell Barn

Set against the backdrop of the magnificent 13th century structure, this is another great place to tick off some challenges. Just down the road from Badbury Clump, come here for pond dipping and more.

50 things at Badbury Woods

Lose yourselves in play in these bluebell beech woods at the site of a former Iron Age hill fort. They are great for den building, tree climbing, compass navigation and much, much more.

Or join an organised event

Join one of our rangers for some 50 things fun at one of our organised events. Fun includes damming a stream, making mud pies or catching a fish with a net.