Facilities & access


  • Toilet facilities (non NT) in Buttermere village
  • Pubs, cafĂ© and ice cream in Buttermere village
  • Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on leads
  • Part of Buttermere lakeshore route will be closed in bird nesting season
  • National Trust staff based on Buttermere lakeshore except in winter months
  • Free parking in Ennerdale (non NT)
  • Fishing permits, boat hire and boat launch available. Daily weekly and seasonal rates (including members)

Family & children

  • Special Easter event every year
  • Family events throughout the year
  • Children's activities at annual agricultural shows


  • Walk to/from Buttermere/Ennerdale over the fells via a variety of footpaths
  • Buttermere lakeshore path has good access to approx. 3/4 of the lake
  • Ennerdale lakeshore path has good access to approx. 1/4 of the lake
  • Mobility toilet in Buttermere village (non NT)