Canons Ashby © Andrew Butler

Canons Ashby

1,000 years of Canons Ashby

  • A family home for 400 years

    Canons Ashby has been home to the Dryden family for over 400 years. More than a manor house but less than a grand mansion, it has been remodelled and added to so that it is now a fascinating and compl…

  • Canons Behaving Badly

    Discover why Canons Ashby's badly behaved Canons became some of the first victims of the reformation…

  • Motte and bailey mystery

    Canons Ashby in Northamptonshire is famous for its beautiful Elizabethan manor house and gardens, an…

  • Sir Henry Dryden the Antiquary

    Known as the Antiquary, Sir Henry Dryden inherited the estate in 1837 at just 19 years old and was the squire for most of the Victorian period.