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Project Manager Tim Cambourne assessing the scale of the work © Steve Haywood

Project Manager Tim Cambourne assessing the scale of the work

Save Castle Drogo

We’ve embarked on a major restoration project to save Castle Drogo for future generations to enjoy. Your support could help us protect Drogo from being destroyed by the raging torrents of Dartmoor rain.

The castle has suffered from major structural problems ever since it was built, resulting in serious leaks and water damage throughout the building. Time was running out for this national treasure as water was rusting away at the steel infrastructure. If we had not started this project Castle Drogo would have had to be abandoned within ten years, depriving us all of this masterpiece.

This is not simply a roof repair - far from it. Water has penetrated through all the stonework and windows and so, in addition to replacing the roof, we are repointing and refurbishing 913 windows.

How will we spend your donation?

• £28 today could buy a window pane, to replace one damaged as a result of water penetration
• £35.28 could provide 12kg of lime mortar to protect the building's walls from the elements for generations to come
• £50 would be a significant contribution to helping us achieve our most challenging task, installing a two-layer membrane that will make the castle roof watertight


Help us fundraise

Feeling lucky?

You can help us fundraise by buying a raflle ticket during your visit. Our raffle this year is going towards the kitchen lantern, this will cost around £35,000 to refurbish. Or you can support us by fundraising yourself, we’ve had a great response from the local community. Email Paula Clarke for more information on fundraising.