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The last castle in England - one man's dream

There’s more than meets the eye at Castle Drogo. This ancient looking fortress is in fact only 100 years old, built as an ancestral family home for Julius Drewe, the founder of ‘Home and Colonial Stores’ who retired a millionaire, aged just 33.

Designed by one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, Edwin Luytens the genius behind the Viceroy’s Palace in New Delhi and the Cenotaph, Drogo is utterly unique. Behind the castle’s forbidding granite walls you'll find a family home designed with all the mod-cons.

A brand new experience- Drogo inside out

With our building project to save Castle Drogo now underway, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the place as you've never seen it before. Explore our rooms transformed by brand new exhibitions, created by our designers, the geniuses behind the recent film ‘The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists’. You can discover rooms open to you for the very first time and see the building work progress before your eyes.

A tale of letters

Follow our trail of reproduced letters and memos, blown up to an epic scale. Spread throughout the castle, they tell the story of the creation of the Drogo in the words of the people who made this dream a reality. From the Drewe family, to correspondents with the architect Edwin Lutyens.

Saving Castle Drogo: Project news

Plenty for the children to do

  • Peek through the spy holes at the building work
  • Dress up in Edwardian costumes
  • Play in the Postcard Theatre
  • Follow our letter trail around the castle
  • Build your own Castle Drogo archway
  • Count the leaks in the Room of Running Water
  • Wind up a clock and hear them all chime in the Room of Passing Years
  • Look through the binoculars out over the Teign Valley, what will you see?

The Drogo letter challenge

We run a wide range of events suitable for families © National Trust

Every day from April to October, you can have a go at the Drogo letter challenge hidden around the castle. Will you be able to make it all the way around the castle and complete all the challenges?

Preserving the past

We run a wide range of events suitable for families © Sylvaine Poitau/National Trust Magazine

Tuesdays, 11:30am (April - October)

Join the conservation team for a fascinating insight into how we are looking after the castle and its wonderful contents during our building project to save Castle Drogo (not bookable in advance).

See our collections

We run a wide range of events suitable for families © NTPL/John Hammond

Why not learn more about the fascinating collection at Castle Drogo, from the doll’s house which features running water and electricity, to 16th-century tapestries, Venetian chandeliers and furniture designed by the renowned architect Edwin Lutyens himself.