Classical facade Castle Ward © Peter Muhly

Classical facade Castle Ward

What's that big mansion?

After entering the estate you will catch your first glimpse of the classical front of the house along the drive. The 18th-century mansion is built in two contrasting architectural styles, the Classical facade to the lawn and the Gothic facing Strangford Lough.

One of the strangest architectural compromises created between two people.

Tours of the mansion

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Special booking group tours

Arrange a special interest tour for your group

Arrange a special interest tour for your group

These tours are entertaining and would suit groups interested in learning more about the house and the people who lived in it.

Fill the house with music

Play the piano in the Castle Ward Mansion

Enjoy free flow in the house on event days and bank holidays. Why not ‘have a go’ playing our 1920s, baby grand piano in the main hall?

You never know you might discover a hidden talent.

Our collection

Gothic Saloon at Castle Ward © Ruth Teijido

Gothic Saloon at Castle Ward

We have spent lots of time creating a comprehensive list of all the magnificent items we have in our mansion. With the launch of the new National Trust Collections website we are delighted to be able to share these details with you.