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Ancient naked figure sculpted into the chalk hillside above Cerne Abbas

Standing at 180ft tall, this is Britain's largest chalk hill figure. It is also our most controversial.

Many theories surround the giant's identity. Is it an ancient symbol of spirituality? The Greco-Roman hero Hercules? Or a mockery of Oliver Cromwell? Local folklore has long held it to be an aid to fertility.

Above the Cerne Giant is a rectangular earthwork enclosure, known as the Trendle.

Like the giant, the Trendle is of unknown origin, but it is believed to date back to the Iron Age. It is still used today by local Morris Dancers as a site for May Day celebrations.

Wonderful walking

Take giant strides around Cerne Abbas this summer

Take giant strides around Cerne Abbas this summer

The Cerne countryside is fantastic for walking, notable for its butterflies and beautiful views. Make the most of a beautiful September day.  A walk in the autumnal sunshine allows you to appreciate all the highlights as you can only do on foot, and the delightful village itself is ideal for a leisurely stroll.

The Giant's upkeep

Ever wondered what's involved in keeping the Giant in good condition with a well-defined outline? Last summer a group of rangers and volunteers gave it a good refresh. Here's an overview of the work carried out, which involved a strimmer, some spade work and plenty of care.

Having a Moment

In November 2013, the Cerne Giant had a temporary new look for a starring role in a men's health campaign. He proudly sported a massive grass moustache for Movember, which raises awareness and funds for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health.

The moustache was created, positioned and removed in a single day, but you haven't missed it - the spectacle was captured on film to promote Movember's important cause.

Watch our Cerne Giant Movember video

Creating the grass moustache was quite a mammoth task, but the effort was well worth it. Captured on film, the giant's temporary makeover gives him a rather rakish air, and we were delighted to work with British Seed Houses to promote the important work of Movember. You can find out more about the idea behind the Cerne Giant's Movember moustache and our reasons for getting involved in this short video.