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Talk to our staff and volunteers about our work and find out more

Talk to our staff and volunteers about our work and find out more

Take a look at some of the special projects and routine restoration work that we’re undertaking this year. They are all aimed at making your visit to Charlecote really special, while keeping an eye on important conservation in the house, gardens and parkland.

You’ll see us carrying out some of the work on these projects when you visit, while other things are happening behind the scenes, and of course you’ll see the results throughout the year.

Do ask any of our staff and volunteers about anything that interests you and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

Raffle tickets

Stonework repairs have been paid for by last year’s property raffle

Do stop and buy a raffle ticket from one of our friendly volunteer sellers – there are great prizes.

All the money raised at Charlecote stays at Charlecote and is doubled by the National Trust.

This is a really important source of income for us and we have bought display cases in the house and fruit trees for the orchard in recent years with our raffle funds.

Raffle ticket income is going to pay for stonework repairs this year and has contributed greatly to the restoration of the little summerhouse in the garden.

House and buildings

The gatehouse clock has been repaired and will chime out again this year

  • The Gatehouse clock has been restored and you can hear it striking once again.
  • Our new team of costumed volunteers will be bringing the brewery, laundry and tackroom to life.
  • We're improving the presentation of the upstairs corridor between the bedrooms.
  • The park team are arranging lots more of the special behind-the-scenes events that our visitors love.

The summerhouse

We’re beginning restoration work on Mary Elizabeth’s little summerhouse

We’re beginning restoration work on Mary Elizabeth’s little summerhouse

The little summerhouse in the garden by the Orangery restaurant has become rather dilapidated in recent years. Mary Elizabeth Lucy built it for her grandchildren and she based the design on one she remembered from her childhood in North Wales. Sadly we can't allow visitors in to this delightful little building at the moment.

Restoration plans have taken time to put together and work begins this year, funded in part by proceeds from a previous year’s raffle.

The roof needs re-thatching, rotten timbers need to be replaced, and there is restoration work on the interior to begin too.

Around the gardens

We’re creating a professional nursery area to grow more of our own plants

We’re creating a professional nursery area to grow more of our own plants

  • We’ll be repairing stonework and statues – funded by proceeds from last year’s property raffle.
  • Exciting new research into the history of the gardens is beginning.
  • We’ve been setting up a professional nursery area so we can produce more of our own plants for the gardens.
  • Look out for our new information panels.

The park team

Happy Tamworth piggies

We’re working with the Environment Agency to install an eel bypass at the Cascade.

We're making films of our livestock, such as our pigs at play.

The team are putting together a wider program of children’s activities to encourage more outdoors play.

We're improving the wildlife spotting area and playhouse in the Spinney behind the stables.

Thank you!

Enjoy a scone and help our work today

Every purchase you make in our shops, every cake and cup of tea you buy in the Orangery, every membership you buy from our Visitor Reception team all directly benefits Charlecote and our work here.

Every National Trust member who shows their card on their way in directly generates income for Charlecote.

We couldn't keep Charlecote special without you.

The shops

Find honey from Charlecote’s bees in our Servants’ Hall shop

We’re sourcing more locally-produced items and Charlecote exclusives for the Servants' Hall shop.

You’ll find local produce including our award-winning venison, hogget and honey in the Pantry Shop opposite the entrance to the Victorian Kitchen now.

You'll find a wide selection of second-hand books in the Stables and if there's anything you's like to know you can find our Welcome Hosts by the Gatehouse.

The restaurant

Food historian Dr Annie Grey prepares our venison in the Victorian kitchen

  • We’ll be using the Orangery as an exhibition space for photographs and artwork from local artists and photographers.
  • We’re working with the park and garden teams on growing and using more of our own produce.
  • Everyone is enjoying our work devising (and testing) more of our own recipes - such as our new mutton pies and strawberry crumble cake.