Spring, loaded with colour at Charlecote

Blossom, bulbs and beautiful flowers fill the spring gardens

Blossom, bulbs and beautiful flowers fill the spring gardens

The gardens are open every day, and bulbs are coming into bloom all around.

Take a walk around our gardens on a spring day and you'll find early-flowering shrubs with heady scents that fill the air. Enjoy the glorious display of thousands of bulbs and spring flowers in the parterre.

Stroll through the woodland garden, our tranquil haven, filled with scent from viburnums and mahonias. Here, you'll find unusual spring bulbs and flowering shrubs. You may spot one of our friendly robins hopping close to your feet here too.

Looking good

The exotic Lobster Claw plant thrives in a sheltered spot in the garden © Jana Eastwood

Clianthus puniceus

Find it by the house at the back of the parterre.

This exotic-looking plant (also known as the Lobster Claw and endangered in its native New Zealand) thrives in the shelter of the house wall despite chilly winds blowing off the river. We wrap it up over the winter and are rewarded by these dramatic scarlet flowers throughout spring.

Looking good

Uvularia - or merrybells - is one of our spring woodland delights  © National Trust

Uvularia grandiflora

Find them throughout the woodland garden.

Also known as bellwort, merrybells or wood daffodil, these are delightful hardy perennials, similar to Solomon's Seal, which love the sheltered conditions of our woodland. The buttery-yellow flowers last for weeks and really brighten up this area as new foliage all around increases the shady conditions.

Looking good

Find unusual plants such as Illicium simonsii in the woodland garden  © National Trust

Illicium simmonsii

Find it in the woodland garden.

These rare and unusual evergreen shrubs are among our newest delights, with unusual waxy-looking spiky cream flowers in spring. They have a spicy scent and are related to star anise.

Preferring acid soil in shade, they are completely hardy and should eventually reach a dramatic six or seven feet high.

Looking good

Polyanthus Gold Lace was very fashionable in Victorian times © Mary Gleaves

Polyanthus 'Gold Lace'

Find it in pots by the house and restaurant, and in the parterre.

This delightful hardy perennial was a great favourite of Victorian gardeners, although it's a variety that's been around for hundreds of years. Easy to raise from seed, flowers for several weeks throughout spring and happy in most situations, although vine weevils can be a problem.

Discover more in the gardens

Restoration work is beginning inside and outside the summerhouse © Jana Eastwood

Restoration work is beginning inside and outside the summerhouse

We have completed some of the desperately-needed restoration work on the little Victorian summerhouse by the Orangery. We're not yet able to get it re-thatched, but hope to be able to open it up to visitors once again in future.

Mary Elizabeth had this delightful playhouse built for her grandchildren and it was based on one that she remembered from her childhood in Wales.

Our restoration project is funded partly by the proceeds of raffle tickets bought by our kind visitors. Remember that every £1 ticket you buy at Charlecote is match-funded by the National Trust and is directly worth £2 to our work.

What we're up to now

Garden volunteers maintain the beautiful parterre all year round

Our gardens team regularly post news of their exploits on our blog. Take a look to find out what we're doing throughout the year - how we manage the gardens, what's happening behind the scenes and what we'll be doing in the future.

You can find out more on one of our exclusive garden tours and talks.

There are films from the garden team on our YouTube channel too.

Why not just take a seat and admire the effects of our hard work, or stop and chat to our staff and volunteers about anything that interests you.

Midsummer borders

Colourful bedding and scented purple heliotrope fill the parterre

There's something new in flower every week on the long border.

Admire the newly extended herbaceous borders around the croquet lawn.

Be inspired by the shady woodland garden and enjoy the rainbow of colours in the parterre.

The gardens in summer.

All about autumn

Enjoy the firelight colours of the woodland garden this autumn

Come and enjoy the parterre borders at their glorious best.

We love our dahlias and plant more varieties every year - which are your favourites?

Be cheered by the vibrant autumn foliage in the woodland garden.

The gardens in autumn

Winter interest

Be enchanted by the earliest flowers in the garden

Come and spot the first snowdrops - some of our earliest varieties are in flower by Christmas.

Enjoy the sculptural forms of frosted topiary in Green Court.

Winter-flowering shrubs fill the air with scent.

The gardens in winter