Explore the parkland

Stroll through the riverside parkland and enjoy the views

Stroll through the riverside parkland and enjoy the views

Charlecote's grounds are open seven days a week, all year round.

There has been a herd of fallow deer here for hundreds of years and you can often get quite close to where they are grazing. The bucks are losing the velvet from their antlers at the moment. It can look a bit gruesome but don't worry - it's a natural process and they are absolutely fine.

They share the parkland with our pedigree herd of Jacob sheep with their characteristic chocolate-blotch fleeces.

The riverside setting makes this peaceful part of Warwickshire a haven for birds and wildlife - enjoy the views from our benches around the parkland.

Download our main park walk and make some new discoveries today.

Discover more

Find out more about how we manage our deer and the countryside in our care © Jana Eastwood

To discover more about our work and wildlife, join a free guided park walk on the day of your visit. These depend on the availability of volunteers to lead the walks - just ask what's happening today on your way in.

Come behind the scenes to find out more about our beautiful fallow deer. Check our Events programme to book ahead for special behind-the-scenes tours around the parkland.

Take a look at the films on our YouTube channel.

See our top tips for spotting wildlife.

Bring a picnic

You’re always welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy by the river

You're welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy at Charlecote at any time of year. You just need to decide whether to wrap up warm or bring sunscreen. Everyone knows sandwiches taste better outdoors!

There are picnic benches on the paddock by the river and near the gatehouse, or bring a rug. Please remember our wildlife and clear away your rubbish.

There's plenty of room to run around or fly a kite here too, or just watch the swans and ducks on the river.

Charlecote's historic fallow deer herd

Watch the team's film to find out more about the history of Charlecote's fallow deer herd and how we manage them to the highest possible welfare standards.

There has been a fallow deer herd at Charlecote for centuries, and legend has it that a young William Shakespeare was caught poaching here.

See our film of the deer rut.

Bring your binoculars

See iridescent dragonflies dart over the river and wait for one to alight

The riverside setting makes this peaceful part of Warwickshire a haven for birds and wildlife.

Take a seat on one of the benches around the parkland and pause for a therapeutic moment or two. You may see the undulating flight of a woodpecker, a flash of blue from a jay or iridescent dragonflies darting over the water.

There's lots more information about what you might see and hear on our wildlife page.

Where two rivers meet

Flowing through the park are both Shakespeare’s Avon and its tributary, the little River Dene.

It is not possible to canoe through the parkland. We have to protect the welfare of our deer which swim across the river to Camp Ground, their sanctuary away from the visiting public. To protect the animals, floatable deer booms are positioned across the river at the park boundaries.

Park life

Find out more about our Jacob sheep at one of our special events

Take a look at our blog and find out more about our work from our park staff and volunteers.

See how we manage our Jacob sheep and fallow deer, and share some of our uplifting Celebration Tree planting stories.

We're looking after the parkland and its wildlife, managing the river, creating a wildlife meadow and finding out more about the archaeology of the historic landscape here.

Rural craft

Maintaining traditional rural crafts

The traditional cleft oak paling fencing you see is a rural craft we're delighted to be able to keep alive. The varied heights of the panels confuse the deer so that they don't jump over the fence, although they easily could.

Join us

If you'd love to share your love of wildlife, or discover more about how we manage the parkland, why not volunteer with us?

Contact Rosie Thompson if you'd like to know  more.

Gone fishing...

Magnificent chub - a proud catch at Charlecote Park

Fishing passes are available for Places Meadow between June and March. Season tickets are £35 (sold out for 2015). Three day passes each day are available at £6.50 and must be pre-booked. Contact Adam Maher for more information.