Living the Victorian life

Spend time imagining life as it was in Victorian times © Sharon Ball

Spend time imagining life as it was in Victorian times

At Charlecote you can see one of the best surviving Victorian kitchens in Britain.

Although new kitchen technology was introduced periodically, very little was ever thrown away at Charlecote. There are items in here which will fascinate all generations and maybe jog the memories of parents and grandparents.  Our guides can tell you about anything that interests or baffles you from butter paddles to intricate jelly moulds.

The recently-restored range is a feat of clever engineering and we light it in here when we can.  You can often see and taste the food being prepared in the kitchen by costumed volunteers and maybe help them too.

The adjoining scullery was used for washing huge quantities of vegetables and crockery and visitors can sometimes see the bread oven in here being used too. It's easy to imagine the extremes of heat from the range in summer and ice-cold water drawn from the well in the sinks in winter.

There are maids' costumes to try on and herbs and spices to smell and this is where you can really feel part of the busy hub of the house.