At Charlecote under-fives are free to...

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…run around, to play, to start learning about wildlife and to enjoy the fresh air at Charlecote.

Hop, skip and jump
It’s a long drive down to the house – why not skip down there next time? Or see how far you can hop? Or pretend to fly? Or see if you can walk backwards very carefully.

Bring Teddy in his pushchair and take him for a walk. If it’s been raining, there'll probably be puddles you can splosh in if you’ve got your wellies.

Hide and seek in the cedars
You could run to each of the cedar trees on the cedar lawn and count them all (or just some of them).

See if you can hide behind a tree and give everyone a big surprise when you jump out. There are wooden games like Jenga to play in the summer – can you build a really big tower?

Colourful fun
Have a look around the flowers in the garden and see if you can spot furry bumble bees and spotty ladybirds. Are there any butterflies today?

While you’re in the garden, you could try to draw your favourite flower or copy the pattern and shapes of the hedges in the Parterre, and colour it in with your favourite colours. We’d love to see what you come up with, it might inspire our gardeners for next year.

Time to play
Come into the secret world of the woodland garden and follow the paths round in all directions. Have a look in Major Mustard’s house – he’s one of our spotty sheep and we’ve built a house for him and you'll find wooden modles of his family here too. He’s usually out in the park with his friends though, so he won’t mind if you go in and play.

What can you see today?
If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a walk along the mown paths in the parkland and see if you can spot our spotty Jacob sheep and spotty fallow deer.

Have a look along the river too but don’t get too close – there are swans and ducks that live on the water and you’ll see their fluffy babies swimming with them in the spring and summer.

If you’re feeling a bit tired, you can hitch a lift in your buggy (the paths are flat) and you’ll still be able to see all the wildlife.

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